Who Are PRB Members?

PRB members are educators, researchers, policy advocates, program managers, and others who care about evidence-based decisionmaking.
They believe that facts, not hunches, should drive policies and programs that affect people’s lives. That’s what PRB is all about: providing high-quality information about population, health, and the environment, and empowering others to use this information to advance the well-being of current and future generations.

Please join us.

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In addition to supporting PRB’s work, you’ll receive these valuable member benefits:

  • A New Member packet including two of our signature PRB buttons and a PRB keychain flashlight.
  • Two Population Bulletins mailed to you each year. These Bulletins provide in-depth coverage on an important population topic and offer insightful policy analysis and the most recently available data. One of the two Bulletins focuses on a U.S. topic and the other focuses on an international issue. See examples of the most recent Bulletins below.
  • A poster-size copy of the latest World Population Data Sheet, a comprehensive reference tool that summarizes and compares demographic measures and population facts for all countries and regions of the world. We’ll also send you other PRB data sheets.
  • Complimentary copies of special publications throughout the year, including the KIDS COUNT Data Book, produced by the Annie E. Casey Foundation with assistance from PRB.
  • Discounts on PRB materials purchased in bulk.

Most importantly, you’ll receive the personal satisfaction of contributing to PRB’s crucial mission to inform, empower, and advance information for the benefit of all people.

With new perspectives shaping public policies every day, you need to be well informed. As a PRB Member, you will receive reliable information on United States and world population trends—properly analyzed and clearly presented in straightforward language. PRB publications cover environment, health, education, economic development, migration, culture, race, families—all the issues affecting our lives and our future. We welcome you to join PRB today.

Membership Categories and Prices as of August 1, 2018

  • Individual: $65
  • Library: $90
  • Corporation: $350
  • PRB Lifetime Member: $6,000